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What is Neobon?

Neobon is a digital receipt system. It does not need an internet connection to function. The essential parts of the Neobon system are the NeoPrinter that has to be installed by a store and a Neobon compatible Receiver-App. To receive a neobon, the customer will need a smartphone with the NFC-function. This is not needed, if the receipt is declined by the customer.

What is the NeoPrinter?

The NeoPrinter is a device developed by our team. It can be connected as a printer to any POS system running on Windows (Linux or other OS have to be tested). It can transmit the data given to the NeoPrinter to a NFC device. It is connected and powered by USB. Other connection possibilities are in work. It is necessary to transmit digital receipts via the Neobon system.

How does the transmission of my receipt work?

The Point-Of-Sale-System creates a receipt by saving it into its internal storage AND by giving it out to a printer. The printer regulary gives out the receipt which will be offered to the customer. Our solution does the same, but only digital: The NeoPrinter receives the receipt as printer signals. These signals will be transmitted, if the customer places his phone on the device with an installed Neobon compatible app. If the client declines the receipt, it is still transfered to the NeoPrinter and stays in the internal storage. When the next receipt is transmitted, the old receipt will be erased.

We use the NFC technology to transmit the signal to the customers smartphone, so it is mandatory to have a smartphone with the NFC-function. It is still possible to decline the receipt, if there is no available NFC-device.

How safe is the Neobon system?

Because of the physical limitations of the NFC-technology, it is only possible to transmit signals in a range from 2-4 cm from the chipset. This makes it practically impossible to steal the receipt without your recognition.

Also Neobon uses a decentralized offline aproach to distribute digital receipts. This makes the infrastructure used very unvulnerable in comparison to classical server solutions. Resellers using Neobon can save very much money for maintenance and hardware by increasing the security of their systems.

Is the Neobon system conform with regulations by law?

The Neobon system was designed to fit the German market. So it fits the regulations of ยง 146a AO and the KassSichV. We worked together with tax consultants and lawyers to check, if our solution provides the obligatory featuers given by law.

We can not provide this guarantee to international clients, as the regulations can vary from country to country. If you are not from Germany but still interested in our idea, please write to us!

How much will the NeoPrinter and the Neobon-App cost?

Right now, we can not say how much the device will cost. There are many unclear factors that have to be figured out before we can announce a final price.

Nevertheless we can say, that the Neobon app will be for free and running without any adds. We go even one step further: It is possible, to integrate the Neobon system for free into your application! The Neobon app is designed as an open source software and we will not charge any fees to the implementation. We only ask you to contact us so we have an overview of the Neobon system developers.

How can I buy a NeoPrinter?

Right now, there is no possibility to buy a NeoPrinter as it is in the development stage right now.

If you are interested in the NeoPrinter, please contact us directly. We will inform you about new developments as soon as possible!

How can I get in touch with the Neobon team?

If you have any unanswered question, you can use the contact form on our website or use the E-mail adress
If you want to contact a team-member directly, you can use the mail symbols at the team member portraits to get directly to their E-Mail adresses.

I have issues with the website/my device/ my Neobon app. Who can help me?

  1. If you have issues with this website, please contact directly. We will help you as soon as possible.
  2. If you have issues with your NeoPrinter, contact us via directly.
  3. If you have issues with the Neobon app or the implementation of the app, contact directly

If you have other concerns, please use the contact form on the website or write directly to