The NeoPrinter – Little tool, big possibilities!

The core technology employed to enable the usage of the Neobon system is the NeoPrinter. Get in touch now and find out everything about our device!

The name gives a hint: It works as easy as any other Printer connected to your system. How this is possible will be discussed on this site.

The development of the NeoPrinter was driven by three main ideas:

Work offline

Stay transparent

Be easy

How to implement the Neobon system:

Plug the NeoPrinter in

Follow our instructions to connect the NeoPrinter with a USB Port on your POS-System.

Set up a second printer option in the POS System.

By selecting the NeoPrinter as the standard printer, no unnecessary receipt has to be printed out!

Ask your customers if they want a Neobon.

By simply asking if the customer wants to take the digital receipt, you can fulfill your duty by law. The classical printed receipt is still available as an alternative option.
Fullfill the regulatories initiated in January 2020 in Germany!

Our solution was developed with steady feedback from lawyers and tax consultants to ensure the compatibility with the german regulations stated in the KassenSichV and §146a AO. Please note that the duty to hand out receipts can only be fulfilled with our system by sticking to the manual we provide!

For German Customers:

Not from Germany, but still interested?

Write to us and get in touch to determine, if your country makes the use of Neobon possible!

Why did we develop this solution?

As the discussion about the Kassensicherheitsverordnung in Germany began, we thought about a solution for that problem. Very early we realized that all of the solutions we came up with required some kind of internet connection. As the early three team members live or lived in villages, we knew how the actual reality in Germany looks like: Not very connected. So we figured out what conditions a perfect system should include in our eyes. The NeoPrinter was born.

Our road to go

Our main selling argument is the full transparency we are trying to enable in as many positions as possible. So we are happy to show you how we developed our company until now and where we want to go! Take a look at our journey:

Do you have any questions?

Take a look at our FAQs or write a message to us! We are happy to help you with your questions and are interested in your feedback!