Six simple reasons to use Neobon!


If your Phone is equipped with NFC there is nothing that stands between you and your Neobon.


Our app is not blasted with functions. Just get what you need: A simple transmission assistant!


Join us in our efforts to prevent non-essential printing of receipts!


Your Neobon is transmitted onto your phone solely through NFC and won't be uploaded anywhere, so only you can see what you have bought!


We do not save or analyze your data in any way. Neobon offers you the best data protection possible!


Nothing is more frustrating than losing you favorite app solution. We decided to provide our source code to everyone, so that the app can live on even if we don’t.
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Our pacemaker: The NeoPrinter

The NeoPrinter is the core technology needed to hand out a Neobon. Are you interested in how it works? Or do you want to integrate it into your own system? Just follow us to the explanation segment of the NeoPrinter to find out more!

Use the safest transmission method for digital receipts!

Most of the digital receipt solutions currently on the market use a transmission via the internet. Most of the time you can easily access your receipts via a QR-Code. But: If you can access it that way, anyone else can do so, too!

Our process is designed to offer the best protection for your data by physically making it unreadable for anyone else but you!
Our receipts will not be stored externally. After transmitting (or declining) the receipt, it is simply overwritten in the NeoPrinter internal storage and save from reconstruction through any unwanted accessor.
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Follow three easy steps to use Neobon!
Download a Neobon-compatible App!
You can get the original Neobon app or any app with an integrated Neobon system!
Look out for the Neobon symbol at stores you visit!
If your favorite store does not support Neobon yet, feel free to recommend us!
Place your phone on a NeoPrinter to collect your receipt.
And you are good to go! Otherwise if you do not want a receipt simply decline it by pressing the button on the device.
The Neobon Team

We are four members involved in the development of the Neobon system. Use the links below each member to get in touch with them!

Thomas Völk

Administration & Production Planning

Paul Mattes

Software Development

Josef Floesser

Design & Marketing

Kris-Fillip Kahl

Software Development


If you like Neobon and want to try out the app get it in the app store of your choice!